Evaluation system

The evaluation of the articles will go through a rigorous review process by external experts and under a double blind process. All the articles submitted to the Quaderns de l’Institut d’Estudis Europeus will be evaluated according to scientific quality criteria.

In the first phase, the Editorial Board will perform a general review of the quality and adequacy of the submitted articles. Additionally, it will be able to directly reject those articles which do not fulfil the scientific quality criterion or do not contribute to the issues of the journal. For this initial review, the Editorial Board can request the assistance, if it is necessary, of the Advisory Board members.

In the second phase, the accepted articles will be sent to two external evaluators, who will be experts on the issue. If the final reports of those evaluators are contradictory, the Editorial Board may send the text to a third external evaluator.

Therefore, following the evaluators’ reports, the Editorial Board will make, and communicate to the author, one of the following decisions:

  • Publishable articles (or publishable but with minor modifications);
  • Publishable after revision by the author;
  • Not publishable, but it could be rewritten and resubmitted;
  • Not publishable.